My wife and I love walking with the Lord. We often go out to stores or local parks to bless and pray for others. Holy spirit leads us all in amazing ways and it is the most exciting thing to see God's power flow through us. We love that Holy Spirit dwells in us to not only bless us, but to work and flow through us to bless others. The other day I met a woman who had migraines for 3 days and I told her the migraine had to go and immediately she was healed. We are in our fathers business but we don't heal others. God has already provided healing for everyone everywhere. The Bible says you were healed in 1 Peter 2:24. God has already provided, we only have to receive and appropriate.  Its like working with local power company. The power company has already provided the power we just have to flip the switch to turn on the power. In the same way God has already provided every blessing in the Bible we just have to turn the blessings on. Once we realized this truth it became much easier to command the blessing over ourselves and others. As we went out meeting others where they were we noticed some of our apparel helped start the conversation. For example we made T-Shirts with the logo on this page "I see Blessed people". Almost everyone we encountered mentioned the shirt and it made a easy introduction for Holy Spirit to heal, deliver, open the door for a word of knowledge or prophecy. Then we realized how many other people would act on the word more if they had more opportunities. We believe that every blessing in your life is already done and we wanted to encourage you to step out in faith too.