Heavens is always plural in Hebrew, with seven levels of heaven, noted in Scripture. The names are: Vilon, Rakia, Shechakim, Zevul, Maon, Machon, and Aravot.

1. Strongs 1852 Vilon is 'That stretches out the heavens as a curtain (Vilon), and spreads them out as a tent to dwell in.' (Isaiah 40:22[85]) Vilon retires in the morning and comes out in the evening, and renews the work of creation daily. Vilon is the entire universe, going beyond what we can see with telescopes. Vilon is the word for curtain used in the Talmud, but a synonym, doq, pronounced like coke, is the word used in Isaiah 40:22

  1. Strongs 7549 Rakia is where 'God set them in the firmament (Rakia) of the heavens.' (Gen 1:17[19]) This is a reference to the stars, sun, moon, and planets: outer space where the various heavenly bodies move in their prescribed orbits and /or maintain relationships in constellations, solar systems, galaxies, etc. Rakia is the part of the heavens that can be seen. 
  2. Strongs 7834 Shechakim is from 'He commanded the skies (shechakim) above and opened the doors of heaven; and He rained down manna upon them to eat.' (Psalm 78:23 [120]) This is where the millstones are located that grind manna for the righteous. His Word is still miraculously feeding us. Shechakim is the atmosphere.
  3. Strongs 2073 Zevul is the location for 'I have surely built you a house of habitation (Zevul), a place for you to dwell in forever.: (1Kings 8:13 [32]) This is the location of celestial Jerusalem and the temple with the heavenly altar where Michael offers a sacrifice. How do we know that Zevul is this place? Because, 'Look down from heaven and behold the habitation (Zevul) of Your holiness and Your glory.' (Isaiah 63:16 [102])
  4. Strongs 4583 Maon is where 'The Lord will command His loving kindness in the daytime and in the night his song shall be with Me.' (Psalm 42:8 [69]) This is where His ministering angels stay, singing in the night. We know that this is heaven because of 'Look down from your holy habitation (Maon) from heaven.' (Deuteronomy 26:15 [46])
  5. Strongs 8064 Machon is the location of the storehouses of snow, rain, hail, whirlwinds, storms, etc. 'The Lord shall open unto you His good treasure…' Deuteronomy 28:12 [45] We know that this is heaven because 'Hear in Heaven, the habitation (Machon)of Your dwelling…' (1Kings 8:39 [58])
  6. Strongs 6160 Aravot is that in which are righteousness, judgment, and charity, the storehouses of life, of peace and of blessing, the spirits of the righteous, with which the Lord will hereafter revive the dead. Those living here include the Ophannim, Seraphim, holy Chayyot, the ministering angels, the Throne of Glory, and the King of the Universe. 'Cast up a highway for Him Who rides upon the clouds (Aravot)’ His name is Yah. (Psalm 68:4 [91]) The storehouse of life contains the force of life for all those yet to be born because when God finished creation (Genesis 2:1 [4]) He had made everything that would ever be - including your descendants. The spirits of the righteous are the dead who are sleeping with their fathers.

Notice that the first three represent the universe, the visible night sky and sun, and the atmosphere. These are natural, physical things even when beyond the range of telescopes.

Each of the other four levels is both physical and spiritual. Three levels are translated Habitation, but that is not the clue we need. Three levels are populated: Zevul, with the celestial Jerusalem; Maon, with bands of ministering angels; and Aravot, with various heavenly beings, the Throne, and the spirits of the saints. That is probably the level Paul referred to, the third of the populated levels, in 2 Corinthians 12:2 [61]